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02 Dec 2019
SimpleNLU Service by YOCTOL.AI offers a simple but effective way of enhancing language understanding into chatbots. The higher semantic accuracy of SimpleNLU over services in Dialogflow and Luis AI in Traditional Chinese suits a broad range of customer support from local, small to medium-sized businesses.
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With natural language processing techniques (NLP), a chatbot can cope with diverse, similar, and repetitive issues, such as frequently asked questions (FAQs) of customer services. The overall answering accuracy can be as high as 80%. However, building a chatbot with these top-tier technics requires sufficient data scientists for a series of machine learning experiments, and of course, a bunch of time and budget consumption.
That's why we need a business-ready, intuitive, and efficient tool for building NLU chatbots.
SimpleNLU service is the answer.
Through pre-extracted, top-class, and pre-trained machine learning models, SimpleNLU has proven to beat other famous NLU services (e.g., Dialogflow, Luis AI) with higher language predictive accuracy in Traditional Chinese.
Let's see the comparison here:
YOCTOL NLU comparison
YOCTOL NLU comparison
Thus, with the help of YOCTOL.AI's featured SimpleNLU service, businesses will save all costs to achieve timeless and genuine customer support.

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