Seeker Is Here! Brand New Era of Facebook Marketing Starts Now!

12 Dec 2019
YOCTOL.AI - Seeker
YOCTOL.AI - Seeker

Meet the Best 2020 Social Media Marketing Tool for Precision Marketing

YOCTOL.AI has dedicated the past few months fine-tuning the product with the help, insight and feedback from our beta users. As an AI-solution provider who aims at empowering all businesses through social media including Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Telegram and so on, we can’t emphasize enough how much our community means to us.
We saw a need that is not yet fulfilled; the need of strengthening the relationship between customers and brands through digital marketing. We understand business owners across the globe are more eager than ever to connect with their customers, to build a meaningful relationship and to keep that relationship long-term. These days, doing business is not just a simple pay and go. Rather, it’s about bonding and trust first; sell later. Seeker is here, as a social marketing tool, tracks customer’s digital footprints, analyzes customer behaviors, optimizes Facebook Ads, in order to build and maintain that connection every business is so desperately to keep. This is how a business wins customers’ hearts.

Try It! You’ve Got Nothing to Lose and a Lot to Gain!

YOCTOL.AI is here to help all businesses to achieve that with our latest product that is focused on getting to know your customers (customer profiling and customer segmentation) and assists business owners boost revenue through retargeting.
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