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06 Feb 2020

There Is No Push-Button MarTech Tool!

YOCTOL.AI Founder - Ric Huang
YOCTOL.AI Founder - Ric Huang
If someone tells you that you should just run his/her MarTech tool, do nothing, and then your marketing performance can be boosted by XX percent, then he/she must be a LIAR. For if this is true, then everybody would have got boosted, which is equivalent to that nobody is promoted.
Digital marketing is very complicated and competitive. You should look for the right tool to do the right thing. There are lots of actions that you can take to improve your marketing performances. However, the most important and yet basic thing is to “know your customers better.”
Read our Newsletter to see how YOCTOL.AI’s new features help you organize your customer data with the powerful tagging system, and how you can interact with your customers, with a proper message, at the right time!

The Power of Customer Tagging

By using Creator and Seeker in YOCTOL.AI, you will get a great privilege to
  • Understand Your Customers Better Categorize and organize all customers based on their features and data collected.
  • Reach a More Precise Customer Group Send direct messages to customers segmented by tags (check out Broadcast Messages).

Let’s Show You the Tagging Features in YOCTOL.AI!

Seeker - Customer Tag List

Seeker offers customer segments (from Passerby, Occasional, Regular to Super Fan) for achieving precision marketing. As for reaching a more practical market segmentation, you should take a look at Seeker's delicate feature - “Tag & List”.
How? Follow the three simple steps:
  1. Filter customer segments (such as Superfan, Regular + Occasional) from your “Customer List.”
  2. Add or Edit the content of tags (by industries, interests, behaviors, and so on) at “Tags.”
  3. Click on your customer and “Update Customer Tag” right away!

Try Seeker!

8 Digital Marketing Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2020

1. Predictive Analytics

What Can Predictive Analytics do for marketers?
  • Understand buyer behavior
  • Reduce churn
  • Create personalized marketing campaigns

2. Customer Insights

Better understanding and responding to customer wants and needs via:
  • Relevant and hyper-personalized messaging
  • Targeted advertising
  • Enhanced product fit

3. Sentiment Analysis

What marketers can do with sentiment analysis?
  • Know what people are saying about you
  • Respond quickly and consistently

4. Programmatic Advertising

It gives marketers the ability to take control of their data and to achieve the results they are looking for.

5. Account-Based Marketing

It is the strategic approach requiring B2B companies to focus on targeted accounts within a specific market.

6. Content Marketing and Curation

  • Supercharge content strategy by analyzing massive amounts of user data
  • Interprete intent, and automatically generate content

7. Customer Experience

  • Drive interaction with your product
  • Provide 24/7 customer service

8. Lead Engagement

  • Align marketing and sales
  • Focus on higher-value work
  • Gain insights on lead and sales performance

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