TOP 12 Marketing & AI Trends for 2020

06 Feb 2020

Digital Marketing & Advertising

1. Market Segmentation is Not a Trend. It’s a Must.

“We needed a new way to understand our customers in a structured manner.”

2. Lookalike Ads Makes it Simple and Effective for Lead Generation.

“Bring in the right potential audience, get customers to pay willingly.”

3. All Roads of Targeting Customers Lead to Precision.

Target your customers by behaviors, by demographics, by geographics, or also, by customer journeys. “Position the exact segments through multiple dimensions.”

Chatbot & Social Media

4. Chatbots Will Dominate Social Media Marketing

The bot-driven social media system is the future of marketing automation and efficient customer support.

5. Social Media Integration is Key to Online Promotion.

As the “Book Now” button released by Facebook, cross-promoting your channels help spread a brand’s awareness, slogan, selling, and impact.

6. Different Ways to Communicate the Idea of “Chatbot”.

“Creating a chatbot” is not the goal, it’s just a medium to achieve better communication. Focus on the value you’d like to deliver, not the “chatbot” wording.

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Customer Engagement

7. Know Your Customer Better with AI-Analyzed User Data

Collecting user data with conversation taggings so that you can segment the audience by votes, reactions, interest, customer survey...etc.

8. Customize Audience Settings for Reaching the Definite Product-Market Fit

Find several different demographics points within your affluent audience to discover how your product satisfies strong market demand.

9. Instagram Story Is the Trend You Can't Be Missing in 2020

Retain your followers by linking them to your relevant posts to secure engagement.

Business-to-Business Applications

10. Internal Use for Enterprises Is Still a Compelling Urge

Enterprises are in need of chatbot applications for internal use, such as for internal help-desk, and employee onboarding.

11. Enterprises Need More Chatbot Apps Than Ever

Companies call for rich internal usages, including user authentication, personalized and fancier conversation/services for internal management.

12. Small-and-Medium Businesses Lack Time/Money to Implement Fancy Apps

Shops or stores long for an interactive and automatic customer support system, instead of always offering FAQs.

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