Profit-Driven Chatbot Marketing Campaigns You Need to Know!

07 Feb 2020

Creating a Virtuous Cycle for Your Social Media Marketing

YOCTOL.AI Founder - Ric Huang
YOCTOL.AI Founder - Ric Huang
What makes “Social Media Marketing” (or “Social Marketing” in brief) different from other marketing undertakings is that you can take the advantage of the vast amount of “already-connected” people on the social network and enjoy your marketing growth out of its population bonus. However, this does not imply that you can effortlessly enjoy the benefits of social marketing just because there are billions of daily active users on the social network. On the contrary, you need to make efforts to nurture your social channel and create a “virtuous cycle” so that what your marketing today can help your growth tomorrow!
A virtuous cycle in social media marketing is: programmatically interact with your customers in the social media so that you can accumulate, track, and record their behavior; analyze the recorded behavior in order to know your customers better and acquire more customers; interact with more and more customers and so repeated.
Follow YOCTOL.AI and we will show you how to create your own virtuous cycle with our fantastic tool “Seeker”!

Build a Chatbot with Seeker!

At Seeker, besides customer segments and profiles, the Message feature can help retain and strengthen your customer loyalty. How? With this feature, you can create Chatbots to automate messages for considerate customer services at any time.

Start Building a Chatbot!

At YOCTOL.AI, we prepare the very first step to Create your own Chatbot through the following two sections:

Welcome Message

This is the message which your customers are greeted with after they click on the button Get Started on Messenger. Greetings for your Chatbot can be to simply wave “Hi!”, ask “How can I help you?”, or offer a basic introduction of the Chatbot.

Default Reply

The default reply is sent automatically when your Chatbot is unable to find matched answers with what the customers say. You can put on a general response of your Chatbot, such as “Thank you for your message”, and “We will get back to you soon” when there is no other custom answer been set yet.
Click on the “Message” at Seeker, make your Chatbot now!

Try Seeker!

Profit-Driven Chatbot Campaigns You Need to Know: Key Case Studies of Facebook Messenger Marketing

Let's take a look at these drool-worthy results of Facebook Messenger marketing!

Case Study 1: LEGO

  • 3.4x higher return on ad spend for click-to-Messenger ads (compared to ads that linked to the LEGO website)
  • 71% lower cost per purchase when clicking through to the Messenger experience
  • 1.9x higher value for website purchases made from click-to-Messenger ads
LEGO’s Solution.

Enhancing the Shopping Experience

How: LEGO developed and rolled out its first bot for the Messenger campaign during the 2017 Christmas shopping season. Nicknamed Ralph, the bot enhances the digital shopping experience by quickly helping people choose and buy the perfect gift.

Case Study 2: SEPHORA

  • 32% higher return on ad spend than previous digital campaigns
  • 41% higher click-through rate than previous digital campaigns
  • 30% increase in reach (over campaign goal)
SEPHORA’s Solution:

A Pivotal Shift

How: Sephora used Custom Audiences and Lookalike Audiences, as well as broad interest targeting to reach US women and men interested in beauty, skincare, and makeup. The brand also showed ads to people who had viewed products on the Sephora website but did not purchase them.

Case Study 3: DBS

  • 30% reduction in peak hours’ queuing time
  • 20% increase in sales without additional staff
DBS’s Solution:

Adding a New Engagement Channel

How: Instead of creating a new app to help people place orders and make payments at quick-service restaurants, DBS helped businesses find a new way to engage with their customers on Messenger. Participating merchants also have the opportunity to help people discover their business through click-to-Messenger ads.

YOCTOL.AI’s MVP - Calvin Lin

Chatbot is a perfect tool to engage potential customers. Let the Chatbot ask your potential customers a few simple questions to find their needs. For this will lay the foundation for further selling, customer support, and marketing.

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