Tips You Need to Learn for Facebook Post Reply Automation - Case Studies & Seeker Post Event

20 Feb 2020
How to create a good post with reply automation on Facebook to increase the impression, conversion, collect and segment your customers? By applying Seeker’s latest feature - Post Event, we will show you how Seeker Post Event is the greatest gateway for business on Facebook as a social marketing tool.

What is Post Event?

Post Event (or say, Post Reply Automation), is a feature that a Chatbot automatically replies to comments on posts of Facebook Page by keywords. By using Post Event, you can not only make sure that every customer receives a proper response, but save time from manually replying to all the comments. Plus, by sending auto-reply comments or messages, a call-to-action button can be set to improve the conversion, and this is what can not be achieved by sending manual-replies.

What Can You Do via “Seeker Post Event”?

Make Campaigns to Reach Potential Customers

Create personality tests or interactive games to attract fans for comments and getting fun results or benefits. This can increase the impression and engagement on your page posts!

Provide Benefits to Lead Sales

People like gifts and discounts. By making a Post Event to attract fans for commenting, you can later send fans a private reply with a benefit and lead them to registration or purchase.

Hold Votes to Collect Fans' Interests and Needs

You can hold a vote to let fans share opinions before a product debut, so you will know the market preference to prepare for the upcoming communication plans fastly and easily.

Case1: YOCTOL.AI - Seeker - Share secret benefits via Seeker Post Event to boost registration rate

YOCTOL.AI case shows that sharing secret marketing skills will attract the attention of small business managers. Fans who comment "AI" on the post will receive a Seeker marketing skills package via messenger. The post boosted 8 times more registration than before!

Case 2: Stone Animal Hospital - Hold a Vote to Collect Fans' Preference

Stone Animal Hospital sent new year greeting to their fans by holding a vote asking fans‘ preferences over dogs or cats to attract pet owners' attention. Through the post, they will be able to get fans' preferences of pets. It helps them better define their segment marketing plans (e.g., broadcast product info to certain targets). This post got 4 times more comments than other posts.

How to Create a Post Event?

Create an Eye-Catching Post

Adapt hottest topics, riddles or votes with your product/service info. on Facebook posts, guide fans to know more about your product/service.

Plan Chatbot Replies with Keyword Settings and Expected Responses

Set several responses for Chatbot to randomly reply at a time. This can enrich the contents of your post comments.

Use Tags for Reply Rules to Segment Fans

Apply the tagging system to reach effective retargeting by sending specific marketing content to the target customers.

It's Better if You Do this While Planning a Post Event

Provide an Incentive

Provide incentives to increase engagement rates!

End with Strong Call-To-Action

Use CTA to guide your fans for more comments! e.g. Comment “+1” to get a coupon!

Prepare Some Comments First

More comments mean greater potential in driving more impressions, and so you get even more comments in return! So be sure to write some comments by yourself first once the post is established.
Try Seeker Post Event to generate more impressions and engagements! Sign up now, Create a Post Event with Seeker!

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