Easily understand 4 essential Facebook metrics through Seeker

27 Nov 2020

Realize 4 social media metrics that you have never understood

Do your Facebook Pages nowadays become bulletin boards? In the long term there are not only gradual fan outflows, but posts’ performance also decreases. Then, how to make a good use of the insight data provided by Facebook to boost the engagement rate? Which data is essential and helpful for generating creative post ideas?
Seeker divides social media metrics into the following 4 types, allowing you to learn data analysis at once!
  1. Fan Classification: Who is the real Super Fan?
  2. Fan Preference: What is the basis for advertising?
  3. Post Performance: What is the foundation of ads targeting?
  4. Social Media KPI: How to calculate the engagement effectiveness?

Tip 1: Top fan = The most loyal & valuable one?

For example, John reacted to your Page’s posts 100 times 1 year ago, but he has stopped doing it ever since. Mary reacted nearly 100 times on your Page in the past six months and has been very active recently.This way, who is your active fan? The answer is Mary.
Obviously, total amount, frequency or timing of reactions are very important criterias for knowing who your “active fans” are. Seeker's algorithm helps you to analyze fans and categorize them into 4 intimacy levels. It's easy to turn your social media data into immediate and actionable insights.

Tip 2: Do all my fans have the same preferences?

For instance, one year ago, Taiwanese pharmacies’ Facebook Pages attracted lots of engagement from “Toilet paper mania (#衛生紙之亂)”. Recently, due to #COVID19, new fans are all concerned about mask inventory and purchase information. Do you still think that all the fans have the same preferences?
People become fans for different reasons. As a Facebook Page manager, you should usually check the interaction ranking from different types of fans by Seeker to track their preference. You should also observe the fan type that interacts more or less in certain posts with Seeker Post Analysis. After knowing the topics fans adored, you can bring up content that they would appreciate to lift engagement rate.

Tip 3: Which posts should use “Conversion” ads? Which posts are more suitable for “Traffic” or “Engagement” ads in order to increase the number of followers?

Conversion is the most difficult metric of ads performance.

Unless the subject is so innovative that it hits the customers’ needs instantly, otherwise a “Fermentation Period” is required from the first sight of the customer until the final purchase action.
By observing Seeker’s "Consolidating Posts" (when the fans who interact with the post are mostly “Super Fans” or “Regulars”), then you should try to run “Conversion Ads” on this kind of posts, and use the Super Fans and Regulars fan list as lookalike ads audience to reach more potential consumers.

When you’re thinking about using “Traffic” or “Engagement” ads, please refer to Seeker’s “Expanding Posts” (when the fans who interact with the post are mostly “Occasionals” or “Passersby”).

This kind of post has successfully attracted new fans to interact. You can run “Traffic Ads” or “Engagement Ads” on these posts, and use the Occasionals and Passersby fan list as lookalike ads audience to reach more potential followers.

Tip 4: How can I estimate a reasonable social media KPI?

With the mass of data reports that Facebook provided and still don’t know how to set a reasonable KPI for your Page? Apart from being able to calculate a reasonable objective based on your previous performance, Seeker can also provide you with an average performance for your reference, facilitating a quick assessment and adjusting the social media strategies.

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