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With 1-2 marketing team membersUsing many gadgets and is seeking for integrated platform.Looking for ad audiences better than regular interest settings.With ad budgets less than NTD20,000 /mo.With less than 5 products or content categories.
Essential Feature 1

All in one content Publishing Tool

Set tracking URL, tag, and auto-reply while publishing post, which makes it easier to trace every move of fans.

Essential Feature 2

Ad audiences that are more efficient than regular settings

Use 15 tags to seperate fans type in all posts, getting a clear picture of fans preference.

Essential Feature 3

Lower customer service time with auto-reply

Set auto-reply in social campaign to lower reply effort and lift engagement rate.

Essential Feature 4

Spend $0 ad budget to reach the right fans

Free broadcast with tag or fans type list to communicate more efficiently.

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With Seeker “Tag”, it’s easier to know fans’ preferences well. What’s better, Soto Taiwan’s sales performance have raised by 25%. It’s a good way to improve content creative, and to attract more fans and lift adhesion.

Soto TaiwanOutdoor & sporting goods company


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