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With more than 3 marketing team membersWith more than 5 products or content categoriesLooking for potential customer ad audiencesDepend on chatbot auto-replyWant to track fans behavior from social media to website without setting Pixel
Pro Feature 1

Tracking from Facebook Page to the website

With URL clicking list of Seeker, you'll have a potential consumers list for each product/service.

Pro Feature 2

Reduce customer service response time

Unlimited keyword replies will reduce the time cost on repeatedly deal with the same questions.

Pro Feature 3

Unlimited tags to group fans more precisely

From products, posts, comments, and messages, use tags to accurately group fans.

Pro Feature 4

Seeker planning consultation

We'll help you finish all Seeker settings you need of tracking and managing Facebook Pages.

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First, Seeker tags data really helps me to know fans' preference. Then, compared with the hard work of promoting products by myself, I use URL clicking list of Seeker to deliver lookalike ads, and the sales has increased by 3 times in one month!

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