Build a marketing campaign chatbot is never easier. Set up auto reply rules with keywords and randomize the chatbot replies.
Everything in Lite, plus NLU engines to enable your bots to understand different sayings of the same intent, and the capability of bot version control.
Extra cost per customer
Extra cost per customer
Extra cost per customer
US$10 /mo.
US$0.005 /mo.
US$100 /mo.
US$0.01 /mo.
Messaging Platform
Messaging Marketing
Max Number of Customers
Max Number of Customer Tags
Max Number of Enabled Post Replies
Max Number of Broadcasts
Customer Support
Create Chatbot from Template without AI Engine
Create Chatbot from Template with AI Engine
Create Keyword-based Chatbot
Create AI Engine Chatbot
Bot Analytics
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Version Control
Admin, Editor, Viewer

Payment FAQ

What happens when your 14-day free trial is over
When the 14-day free trial ends, your chatbot project will automatically be charged according to the plan you selected and the number of customers you have. Part of the features will also be suspended until you upgrade to more advanced plans.
First-time subscriber
When you create a chatbot project on Creator, you will not be charged during the 14-day free trial period, even if you entered your payment info. You will only be charged on the payment date. The payment amount is based on the plan fee of the project, and the extra cost per customer of the chatbot.
Billing rules
We charge on a monthly basis. Every chatbot project has a 14-day free trial. The billing cycle starts on the 1st day after the free trial ends. Pricing formula: Monthly fee for Lite/Standard plan + (number of customers × extra cost for Lite/Standard plan)

For example, you created a bot project on November 1st. The billing date will be November 15th which is after the 14-day free trial. If you registered your credit card info on November 5th, payment will still be charged on November 15th. If you have a bot of the Lite plan, which costs US$10 per month and US$0.005 per customer. You have 1000 customers, you will be charged 10 + (US$0.005 × 1,000) = US$15 on November 15th. The next bill is on December 15th, and so on.
Update/remove credit card information
Please go to Account Settings > Payment to update your payment info. Please keep in mind that if your credit card information is removed or incorrectly entered, all your bot projects that are over the free trial period will be suspended in 7 days.
Cancel subscription
To cancel your subscription, please follow the steps,
  1. Delete the bot project: the billing will stop when you delete the bot project. Please keep in mind that when the bot project is deleted, it cannot be undone. Please head to “Settings” on the side menu to delete it.
  2. Remove your credit card: When you remove your credit card, the payment will be terminated on the payment date of the next month. All of your bot projects that are over the free trial period will be automatically suspended in 7 days. Please head to Account Settings > Payment to remove your payment information.