Who are the potential customers among all the fans? Reveal it by Seeker Pro URL Clicking List!

24 Dec 2020

There are thousands of fans who liked my posts, who actually bought my product?

Don’t waste any effort you spent on running Facebook Page! Seeker can help you with automatically tracking reactions, comments, messages, and clicks on your Page.
Now, you know why Seeker can reveal the list of “the fans who are interested with the new product” - By Seeker “URL clicking list”

How to get the URL clicking list?

By setting “URLs” in message buttons and enabling tracking functions. You can use message buttons in below situations:
  1. When holding a social with Seeker auto-reply, you can message a special URL with a discount to fans when they leave “+1” under the post.
  2. When using chatbot to automatically reply fans when they message you “iphone12” with a special URL with discount.
  3. While pushing broadcast to VIP fans the special URL with discount.

Fans barely send messages to my Page. How can I improve it?

You should start with CTA in the post and provide incentive to motivate your fans! Try the tips below:
  1. Post a question about the product they prefer, let them know you’ll provide the latest discount or news in return.
  2. Raise a campaign to gather product feedback, ask fans to leave a comment to get trials in return.

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