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Creator, AI Made Simple.

Messaging marketing and customer support bot builder for your business, in one place.

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Automate FAQ Response
Messaging Marketing
Every Business Can Create Chatbots
With Creator’s visual builder, everyone can create its own AI chatbot easily
If you want to create chatbots with code and maintain its content with Creator, please apply for an early access of Premium Plan.
Auto Reply
Auto Reply
Automatically reply to Facebook post comments and collect your potential leads with auto reply campaign.
Personalized broadcast. Retargeting your customers based on their tags.
Customer Tag
Manage and understand fan preference with tags.
Customer List
Fan List
Download your fan list for better Facebook Ads targeting.
Bot Builder
Visual Bot Builder
Manage all your dialogue and triggers in one place.
NLU Engine
NLU Engine Integration
Train your AI model and setup triggers without coding. NLU for chatbot is never easier.
Understand your fans better through data analytics.
Version Control
Version Control
Rollback to the previous version at anytime.
Franklin Templeton
Joseph Chen, VP
SE Insights
Sunny Lin, CEO
A-How, Editor
Miss Q’s Chat
Miss Q, Founder
Creator solves 80% of our customer service questions. It also helps us build Robo-advisor and marketing campaigns on social media that improves customer engagement. It’s quick and easy to maintain the chatbot with Creator.
We use Creator to broadcast personalized messages to our audience, create sales leads for future promotions. It is an user-friendly growth tool that empowers the communication with our audience.
We have built a Facebook Messenger bot that will help our audience find the right programs and articles. We believe in the future, it will bring our fans closer to what they need!
Built on a high-quality structure with frequent upgrades on all the features, my chatbot gets more powerful each day. Creator is also very informative and reactive when I run into issues, making sure I get everything I need for building a bot.
Creator, the Chatbot Platform Based on Enterprise Project Experience
From day 1, Creator is designed to meet the standard of every enterprise.. Our clients are industry leaders, especially in telecom, fund management, automotive, and insurance.

Chatbot speaks for your business.

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